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Cobb County, Mableton Georgia #2

Cobb County, 30126

Located in the southern tip of Cobb County, Georgia is an area voted one of the top 100 best places to live in. Mableton was awarded this honor in both 2007 & 2008 by CNN Money. Mableton, Georgia is located in Metro Atlanta but it is not a city. It's actually  considered a census designated place (CDP) in Cobb County. In 1912, Mableton was incorporated as a town on August 19th but on August 17th, 1916 it was unincorporated by the votes of its citizens in an attempt to avoid paying rising taxes. Mableton borders Austell and in recent years has been included as part of the Vinings area where Veterans Memorial & Fontaine Rd meet.


*That as of the 2010 census, Mableton had a population of 37,115.

*This South Cobb city is rich in history and is in the midst of growth in grass roots organizations & entrepreneurs.

*Mableton, Georgia was named after Robert Mable (1803-1885) who purchased 300 acres of land on September 11, 1843.

*In 1882 there was a train station in Mableton owned by Southern Railway.

*Metro Atlanta is home to a set of one of kind american civil war artifacts. Located in Mableton is located 1 of 9 "shoupades" site. Shoupades were the only arrowhead shaped forts used in the american civil war. They were built in 1864 and only 9 out of the original 36 are left. These relics link the American Civil War to this small area of Cobb County.

*Georgia's very own Martin's Restaurant is Headquartered is here

*The Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre is the only mid sized outdoor seating venue in metro Atlanta and it's located in Mableton, Georgia.

*Part of the Silver Comet Trail runs through South Cobb County, right through Mableton. This trail starts in Atlanta and moves west to the Georgia / Alabama state line and it's over 61 miles long. The Silver Comet Depot is the only bike shop along this trail and it's located in this city Census Designated Place.

Cobb County is located in the northwest corner of Georgia and in the southwest corner of Cobb County is  Mableton. It measures only 20.8 square miles out of a total of 344.51 square miles that Cobb County holds. In 2010 it's first business group was the founded, The Mableton Business ExchangeIt has one of Metro Atlanta's best known secrets, the Mable House Art Gallery that's curated by the South Cobb Arts Alliance. Mableton has its own farmer's market on Thursday mornings in the Spring/Summer from 8:30a-12:30 thanks to the Mableton Improvement Coaliation (MIC).

Mableton is a stones throw from my house so I literally drive through it at least 1x a day. Until I did the research for this city I had no idea of how much history and progress is right underneath my nose. This is WHY I'm doing this challenge!  "Vicki Travels Georgia....601 cities, 1 girl & a Blog " because it it took me writing this post to appreciate Mableton, Georgia for its part in history.

The Mable House Art Gallery

A home linked to have been American Civil War hospital

The Silver Comet Trail Map *(star) is Floyd Rd, Mableton Parking & The Come Depot

072612175730.jpg 072612175408.jpg

Water Fountain @ The Comet Depot

072612181133.jpg 072612180844.jpg 072612180914.jpg

Mable House Complex

072612181008.jpg 072612181119.jpg

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