Saturday, September 22, 2012

All Over the map

Itinerary: CHECK
Budgeted Money: CHECK

This is the roll call for my day trips while I'm on my "Georgia City Challenge". These 5 things will get me all over the state map and back home again. . Life isn't really predictable and neither is this challenge and that's why I will (try to) have an outline of day trips a month or two in advance but in the event  of an unplanned opportunity for a day trip arises as long as I can get 5 CHECKS then off I go. For instance, I had no intention of going to Atlanta (Buckhead area) this week but when an appointment popped up I decided to schedule a little day trip into my day and boy am I glad that I did. I was able to see a new side of an area of town that I haven't been to in years. After navigating my way through Buckhead's major arteries rather effortlessly I can't believe I let the fear of leaving my comfort zone keep me away from such a vibrant hub of Atlanta. I had 4 free hours and I was able to pack in a good time for both my daughter & I (more about the trip in the upcoming weeks). So with that being said I'm going to start using the term day trip or day tripping.
Day Trip: A visit to a tourist destination or attraction from your home & returning home that same dayMy trips will normally be a 1 day event. It could be a few hours or an occasional (special) sleep over. 
There are 59,425 square miles in the state of Georgia and 601 cities, that's a whole lot of ground to cover. So to keep my embers burning and my curiosity piqued in my home office I have maps of Georgia starting to cover all of my walls. I have:
*a huge map of Georgia thanks to the Georgia State Transportation
*a Hospitality Hwy map
*a map of all the museums & galleries in Georgia
*a Georgia's guide to the Civil War map
*a Metro Atlanta map
 These are for inspiration and to remind me that every city has a little something that it needs to be remembered for. When I think about my next day trip destination why would I be strict or have a deadline for my challenge but instead be like a leaf in the wind and go where the inspiration carries me even if it's all over the map.

**This writing prompt is thanks to Cynthia Louden's 365 blogging & journaling prompts


  1. Keep it up. Sounds like fun. Road trips are fun.

  2. Thanks Sheila, yes road trips are great. I'm trying to keep it up. "Slow and easy" said the turtle :)


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