Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kennesaw, Georgia (Cobb County) #7

Kennesaw Mountain Park 
 Wow what a view!  From the bottom of the mountain all of the way to the top. Spectacular outing with my daughter. We rode up the mountain because the shuttle bus wasn't in service. The park and parking are both free so there's no excuse not to plan a visit to this national battlefield.

The park also has a civil war museum that highlights the campaign to Atlanta 1864.

Me, almost at the top 

A lot of cannons were left behind here

Rating: 1 Thumbs Up! Affordable, Family Friendly

Douglasville, GA (Douglas County) #8

I go to Douglasville often! I normally go to the mall or the dentist and orthodontist. I pick up my husbands medication in this city. My daughter and I took a beading class here. So on this trip I decided to see a different side of a city that's a mere 5 blocks from my house. I wanted to learn a little bit of history about Douglas County, Georgia but first I had to sweeten up my daughter. You see, history is not her "thing"!    It's mine. It's a new found interest so to be fair we had to have a little "fun before we learned a little Georgia history.

My daughter and I started out day at the Bowling Center in Douglasville. We bowled two great games 
(I won).

Then we headed over to the Douglas County Courthouse Museum.

This is a really cool piece of history. There's all kinds of history relating to Douglas County, Georgia.

and collections

There was also a section dedicated to the Armed Forces and local soldiers.

The museum offers a free tour with your own personal guide.

Rating: 2 thumbs up! Affordable, Great for Families