Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Buckhead - Atlanta, GA - #5 Update

Back in early December, My daughter & I went to Lenox Mall which is in the Buckhead part of Atlanta. This trip marked the 2nd time that I have driven myself to this mall or this area because if it isn't in Cobb County (where I live) then I don't go there. So we shopped & ate and since it was the holiday season we decided to get on the famous Priscilla The Pink Pig

It's VERY pink inside the tent.

This is how the original Pink Pig looked

This is a must-do classic. It's not much to the ride but to be able to say that you rode "Priscilla The Pink Pig". You sit in a 5-6 cart train and go around a loop about 3 times. It's only $3 per person and it's really cute.

This ride is a big thumb's up!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Christmas meant this year!

What Christmas meant to me this year is not the same as it meant last year or even 5 years ago. This was the last Christmas of my 30's. On February 24th, 2013 I will be 40 years old. A new decade! This is a huge turning point in my life and I've been doing A LOT of thinking and organizing of my life recently. Trying to figure out what I want and who I am and who I'm not.

This year's Christmas wasn't filled with meaningless gifts, bought only to add to the quantity of Christmas instead of the quality but instead I actually thought out each gift and gave from my heart. I even bought something for myself, it was small but it was the fact that I actually spent money on ME. I'm also making a coupon book for myself to be used throughout the year. The coupons will range from new clothes, health aides and various other items that I always deprive myself of.

There's a saying that you have to take care of yourself because no one else will. So my gift to myself is the approval to love me for me. This starts NOW and continues for the rest of my life.

May this be just another Christmas of many more to come and the prelude to the best year of my life.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Secret Santa For Bloggers

Getting a gift is always nice especially when the postman (lady) drops it off mixed in with your regular bills. Last month I signed up the for the "Secret Santa For Bloggers" hosted by Jessica over at "Boys oh Boys". A couple of days ago I received my Secret Santa gift from Tricia at "Take 10 With Tricia".

I received 2 super cute ornaments & a Starbucks gift card. Tricia, thanks so much for these wonderful gifts. The ornaments are already on the tree! Over at "Take 10 with Tricia", she blogs about parenthood, relationships, crafting and more. Tricia teaches that 10 minutes is all you need for a mental time out.

Thanks again Tricia and Merry Christmas!

Lithia Springs, GA - #4 update

Hayride and S'mores at Sweetwater Creek State Park.

In early November my daughter and I went on an evening hayride up to Jack's Hill and had s'mores around the park's campfire. The ride was about 1.5 hr total and it was an awesome trip. I wish that we would've went a little earlier in the day so that we would've really seen the views. This is a great family adventure and it's also easy on your budget at only $8 per person.

The photos above were taken in the interactive center/gift shop. These last 5 photos were actually taken at the Douglas County Museum of History and Art

This is what the mill originally looked like before the Union troops burned it down.

This is a painting of what the mill looked like after it was burned.