Monday, December 16, 2013

Grateful Day #2

You ever have one of "those" days? You know the day. The day when you wake up to NO heat in your house a week before Christmas or the one where your car doesn't want to stay on and cuts off on you in the middle of the road on a Monday morning on your way to a work meeting. Or the day when you come home from a work meeting and realize that your flea problem is worse than you thought it was and an exterminator is needed ASAP.

Oh wait a minute, that was my day today. What a horrible, stinking, defeating morning!

Several times I had to remind myself to breathe and remain calm. To think of the little things. The things that I take for granted. The things I should be most thankful for. My home, my car (that did get me to my Monday morning meeting and back home). To be grateful that I woke up yet another morning. Another morning(opportunity) that I ordinarily would not have thought too much about.

So to the universe & the heavens, I say thank you. Thank you for lending me another 24 hours to right my wrongs, learn something new, talk to my family and just BE.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Grateful Day #1

Okay, so today I'm grateful that I checked off the top 5 things on my to-do list, I started to catch & stop myself from thinking negatively and I've decided to finally set my goals and achieve. Writing this post of a small step in the process but now that I'm typing this is the the farthest from want I want but since I put it on my to-do list I had to check it off.

So I'm done so I can finish watching the Survivor Finale.