Monday, December 16, 2013

Grateful Day #2

You ever have one of "those" days? You know the day. The day when you wake up to NO heat in your house a week before Christmas or the one where your car doesn't want to stay on and cuts off on you in the middle of the road on a Monday morning on your way to a work meeting. Or the day when you come home from a work meeting and realize that your flea problem is worse than you thought it was and an exterminator is needed ASAP.

Oh wait a minute, that was my day today. What a horrible, stinking, defeating morning!

Several times I had to remind myself to breathe and remain calm. To think of the little things. The things that I take for granted. The things I should be most thankful for. My home, my car (that did get me to my Monday morning meeting and back home). To be grateful that I woke up yet another morning. Another morning(opportunity) that I ordinarily would not have thought too much about.

So to the universe & the heavens, I say thank you. Thank you for lending me another 24 hours to right my wrongs, learn something new, talk to my family and just BE.

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