Sunday, January 5, 2014

Promise #1 - Less T.V.

In my attempt to BE better I've decided to cut my t.v. time down. I've been throwing around the idea of downsizing cable and watching t.v. less. but if I do then I would have to do something. So all week I been wondering what small step could I take to start living the way of my dreams and that is simply watch less t.v. This is a great place to start because it sound easy enough but could be so pivotal in everything that I want. I've thrown this idea around for years but never was brave enough to actually carry it out.

T.V. is my safe haven, my companion, my teacher, my fun zone, my time waster. How much could I get done if Isimply turned the boob tube off. My biggest excuse is that I don't have time. My 2nd excuse is that I don't feel like it. If I turned off my biggest distraction how many hours would I have free what could I accomplish if I had to time to feel like it.

So far, since I made this decision late this afternoon I've read the 1st chapter of a new book, started cooking dinner and now I'm typing this. Compared to watching 2 movies this morning and accomplishing nothing on my to do list. So, my rules simple:

1) log what I watch & when (I do have favorite shows that I enjoy)
2) cut down (then out) mindless t.v. time
3) to get STUFF done

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