Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Buckhead - Atlanta, GA - #5 Update

Back in early December, My daughter & I went to Lenox Mall which is in the Buckhead part of Atlanta. This trip marked the 2nd time that I have driven myself to this mall or this area because if it isn't in Cobb County (where I live) then I don't go there. So we shopped & ate and since it was the holiday season we decided to get on the famous Priscilla The Pink Pig

It's VERY pink inside the tent.

This is how the original Pink Pig looked

This is a must-do classic. It's not much to the ride but to be able to say that you rode "Priscilla The Pink Pig". You sit in a 5-6 cart train and go around a loop about 3 times. It's only $3 per person and it's really cute.

This ride is a big thumb's up!

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  1. I had research Priscilla the pink pig. I had not heard of this before. It's neat. Do they still have the store where it would ride through the toy department? Thanks for sharing!


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