Saturday, March 9, 2013

Douglasville, GA (Douglas County) #8

I go to Douglasville often! I normally go to the mall or the dentist and orthodontist. I pick up my husbands medication in this city. My daughter and I took a beading class here. So on this trip I decided to see a different side of a city that's a mere 5 blocks from my house. I wanted to learn a little bit of history about Douglas County, Georgia but first I had to sweeten up my daughter. You see, history is not her "thing"!    It's mine. It's a new found interest so to be fair we had to have a little "fun before we learned a little Georgia history.

My daughter and I started out day at the Bowling Center in Douglasville. We bowled two great games 
(I won).

Then we headed over to the Douglas County Courthouse Museum.

This is a really cool piece of history. There's all kinds of history relating to Douglas County, Georgia.

and collections

There was also a section dedicated to the Armed Forces and local soldiers.

The museum offers a free tour with your own personal guide.

Rating: 2 thumbs up! Affordable, Great for Families

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