Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lithia Springs, GA 30122 #4

Lithia Springs, Georgia takes up a mere 2.2 square miles out of Douglas County's total 200  square miles. It is a small unincorporated area that as of the 2010 census had 15,491 persons residing there. It is home to Sweetwater Creek State Park where you can hike on 9 miles of trails, fish in the George Sparks Reservoir, play on the playground, geocache and have a picnic. The remains of the New Manchester Textile Mill are also located here. This mill was built before the Civil War and was destroyed by Sherman's troops because it was known to make supplies for the Confederate Army. 

Lithia Springs is not a major city in Douglas County and is only a few blocks from my home. The grocery store that I go to on a weekly basis is in Lithia Springs. In 2011 my daughter, niece and I visited Sweetwater Creek Park and went on the New Manchester History Hike. It's a 1 mile hike that was very easy to navigate and was led my a tour volunteer. The views were amazing and the remnant of the mill was was a great site to see. This is also where I learned that I actually like to hike (providing I can pull my lazy bones off of my couch) and history is sort of cool.  

*Lithia Springs is named after an actual spring that ran in the area that contained Lithium Carbonate. It was well know to have healing & therapeutic properties

*Lithia Springs was founded in 1882

*In 1887 Judge Bowden bough the springs & started bottling and selling its waters as "Bowden Lithia Springs Water" 

*In 1887 a resort named "The Sweetwater Hotel" opened in Lithia Springs, Georgia

*The resort & the springs were so poular that Mark Twain, & Presidents Roosevelt, Mckinley, Taft & Cleveland all made the trek to Lithia Springs

*In 1888 the Piedmont Chautaqua Institute  was self improvement was opened in Lithia Springs

*In 2001 the city charter for Lithia Springs was dissolved and it became an unincorporated area of Douglas County


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  3. What a fun idea to explore your local area! I'm glad I dropped by to learn more about Georgia.


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