Sunday, September 2, 2012

Georgia on a Dare

Dare: verb -  to be sufficiently courageous to; to have the courage to contend against, venture or try

On August 15th 2012 I officially started the "601 City Challenge"!

Hi my is Vicki and I live in Georgia. I'm a wife & mother and I am daring myself to visit each & every city in the state of Georgia and there's 601 of them. Out of the 601 cities in Georgia I have probably only been to about 30 and I've traveled through another 100 or so to get to any given destination. In the 24 years that I've lived in this state I've just recently seen a little over 10% of the entire State. 

In that realization, I created the"601 City Challenge". It's a dare to travel to all of the cities in Georgia keeping 5 key points in mind:
1. I love being a tourist 
2. Find options for my tween daughter 
3. Have unique, new experiences
4. I can be as creative as I want
5. I Need to keep it affordable 

(This is the county breakdown)

The state of Georgia has boundless options (at least 601) that will get my family (and yours) out of house for the next 138 months or 11.5 years. I will also write about it online (blog). All of this will require me to be focused & determined, well actually that requires a whole set of dares on its on. But any who,
In order for the "601 City Challenge & Blog" to work I am daring to consciously:

*CHOOSE a location & HAVE a flexible schedule
*WRITE consistently, everyday. WRITE some type of content 
*RESEARCH where I visit
*ENGAGE with the community 
*THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX when it comes to being affordable and  location  
*REMEMBER how important this is to me even when negativity from other people rain on my parade
 TAKE & POST pictures of the experiences
*SEE the heart of each city, not just the fancy frills but the pieces that make it who it is

This post was prompted by "A Year of Blogging & Journaling Ideas" by Cynthia Louden.This is a free ebook that has 365 writing prompts, enough for an entire year. You can choose in any order and start & stop when you want. A couple of times a week I will  choose idea prompts that will allow me to be reflective the "601 City Challenge". So with that being said the very first prompt in the series is: "Daring Myself......", I thought this was apropos for this particular day. So I started writing and a couple of hours later I have Georgia on a Dare.

Next city: Suwanee, GA (Gwinnett County)


  1. Your website is adorable the font, the background, and the signs. I like the idea of the challenge. I have taught at two very small but different communities in the past ten years and what you discover just a little bit off the freeway is astounding. Southern accents in the state of Washington! Go figure. A Twilight movie filmed in Kalama! If you ever plan to write fiction, keep menus, maps, etc from your different cities and file them. Don't use the actual material if you do write fiction, but it will help you give the feel of the community. You could also post some of those things. Does a restaurant feature frog legs? Hope you don't mind the suggestions.

  2. Thanks Sheila. You gave me very 1st comment :)

    I like your suggestions and will use them.

  3. Hi Vickie, I found your post on the "Year of Blogging" facebook page... I live in GA too, so your post interests me! Definitely post about the different places you go and the things you do; maybe my husband and I will go visit the ones that look fun. :)

    1. Hi Kiley, Thanks for leaving a comment. Georgia has such pretty landscape that I can't wait to see it all and have photos of memories that my mind can't even begin to imagine right now. From a new blogger thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Great idea! Good luck and can't wait to read more :)

    1. Thank you for your comment. I can't wait 'travel'and sharing.

  5. Wow what a good idea. My daughter and I are taking your suggestion and try to visit all the towns here in Colorado.

  6. Thanks Cathy, is your daughter a tween also? I'm looking for to our post exchanges.


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