Monday, July 30, 2012

Cobb County, Austell, Georgia #1

Cobb County: 30106, 30168

1. Austell was originally known as Salt Springs, GA because of a natural spring located near a salt lick that was believed to have medicinal properties.

2. It was a known resort destination for its therapeutic healing.

3. Glen Owen (G.O.) Mozley owned 240 acres of what is now Austell. He auctioned plots and laid down plans that included streets.

4. It was also called Glendale, Cincinatti Junction & Irvine until in 1885 it was incorporated as a city and its current name was finalized.

5. Austell is named after General Alfred Austell (1814-1881) who played an instrumental role in bringing major railways to the South.

6. Georgia Pacific Railway used Austell as a station depot that connected trains to either Birmingham or Chattanooga.

Austell is my home and I've lived here roughly 9 years. My parents & I moved here after my high school graduation. In 2006, My husband & I bought our 1st house less than 2 miles away. Austell is a small city that a lot of people in North Georgia have never heard of but guess what? It's home to the biggest amusement park in the whole state. It's also home to 1 of only 5 public golf courses in the county.



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