Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vicki Travels Georgia

Georgia has:

* 159 counties
* 954 zip codes
*601 cities/municipal corporations
*58 census designated places
*several (no way of knowing now) unincorporated areas that are NOT designated.

So with all of that information, I've put out a challenge for myself. To travel the whole state of Georgia. To visit each AND every community whether its a city, designated place or unincorporated area. Whether the population is over 400,000 or under 50, I will travel there. I will travel from Abba to Zebulon (in no particular order) and blog about each & every stop along the way.

I'm originally from Michigan but I've lived in Georgia for over 24 years so I consider myself a "Georgia Peach." I lived briefly in Fulton County, a little over a year in Gwinnett County but most of my has been spent in Cobb County. I live in Cobb, work in Cobb & stay in Cobb! This challenge is exactly what I need to get out(side) of Cobb.

My travels will be in no particular order. Sometimes I'll travel to cities that I've already been to but most importantly I'll visit a lot of cities that I've only heard of. This blog is my documentation of where I'm going, why & what I did once I got there.
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