Friday, October 5, 2012

39 pieces of me...

1)I'm a half empty vs half full type of girl

2)Mexican food is my favorite cuisine

3)I'm an introvert

4)I'm a mother to a 18 yr old son & 11 yr old daughter

5)History, Georgia specifically, is a new hobby

6)I LOVE the mountains, I could just get lost in them 

7)I think cupcakes can brighten any one's day

8)My favorite color is everything!

9)I was on the color guard in the Coachman Bugle Corps in 1987-1989 during 7th through 9th grade

10)I'm a new Box Top's Coordinator, would you like to donate your Box Top's? If so enter: Lindley 6th Grade Academy, Mableton, GA. Become a member to see how you can help my school earn money for PTA related events.

11)I let my feelings take over too much

12)I'm a sucker for procrastination, it gets me everytime

13)A movie that I can watch anywhere, at anytime is The Matrix 

14)I'm an aspiring blogger, still trying to find my voice. How did I do? Do you have any suggestions for me? Help a sister out, did you here me? Please place your comments below. I'm not too proud to ask. Feedback feels great

15)I'm a WAHM, who researches new restaurants. I work full time, 35-40 hours. It's online and A LOT of phone work.

16)I love, love "Parenthood" I want to be a Braverman!                                                                           
Full Episodes Online

17)I like minatures

18)I enjoy solitude

19)I think Michael Buble is awesome. This is "Haven't Met You Yet". Check it out!

20)I admire positive people, how do "you" people remain optimistic all of the time?

21)Macaroni is probably my favorite food

22)I have a phobia of big bodies of water

23)I really want to be good at creativity but I always seem to come up a little short 

24)I prefer the heat vs. the cold

25)I hate long good byes

26)I just started practicing being mindful. Trying to be PRESENT in everything that I do. No distraction, being focused on one thing.

27)Coca Cola is by far the best soda known to man.  

28)I need to work more on being outgoing, adventurous & more open

29)I was married on April Fool's Day

30)I am 4 cities into a 601 city challenge. Austell, GA, Mableton, GA Suwanee, GA, and Lithia Springs are the cities I have been to so far. My 5th city will post this Sunday, October 7th. Click here to find out why, where & how I'm doing this 

31)I love coffee, it smells so inviting, it screams "drink me"

32)Sometimes I feel socially awkward

33)I I grew up reading Sidney Sheldon & Stephen King books

34)I'm a Pisces

35)I don't have a birthmark

36)I've been in an accident with a deer and a man who had a heart attack behind the wheel

37)I sleep on my right side, always

38)I stutter

39)I'm 39 yrs old

This week's writing prompt  "Who" is #19 from Cindy Louden's "A Year of Blogging & Journaling Ideas".


  1. Nice list. I am some of those things. Right side only sleeping. Doesn't your ear hurt? I had to sleep on my left side for most of my first pregnancy to increase blood flow. My ear was a wreck. Keep up the work. I'm also a newbie blogger since May 27th.

  2. No ear problems thankfully. Wow May 27th, I would've never known. I find inspiration from you because you are so dedicated. Thanks for the encouragement and for reading.


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