Wednesday, October 3, 2012

12 interesting facts about Georgia

This post is a little different from the others. First it's about Georgia as a whole vs. a particular city. Secondly it'll be in a list form not paragraphs. The "Georgia Cities Challenge" is more than me learning about each individual city in Georgia but also about me learning about the state where I've lived for over 20 years. I've taken history for granted but now I want to learn how Georgia came to be.

1) Georgia was the last of the original 13 colonies, it was established in 1732. That's 280 yrs ago y'all!

2) It was named after King Georgia II of Great Britain
George III of the United Kingdom
3) Georgia was the 4th state to sign the Constitution

4) It withdrew from the Union in 1861 and was the last state re-instated into the Union in 1870

5) Georgia is the 24th largest state with 59,425 square miles. That's 230 miles across and 298 from top to bottom

6) St. Marys, Georgia is the 2nd oldest city in the U.S.

7) Georgia is the nation's #1 producer of peanuts, pecans & peaches

8) Georgia has it's own "Grand Canyon", Providence State Park

9) Macon, GA was home to the first 2 sororities in the world at Wesleyan College in 1851 (Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Mu) 

10) Georgia has 159 counties and 601 "official" cities

11) In 1776 the estimated population for Georgia was only 40,000

12) There was an estimated 9,815,210 people who lived in Georgia in 2011

Next Stop: Roswell

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